INFOTRENDSOLUTIONS SDN BHD is a Malay Bumiputera company fully registered under the Companies Commission of Malaysia Act in 2016 and began operations in 2017 and operations in Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia.

This is done by building the ability to provide supplies and services including in the field of Publishing and broadcasting, ICT (Information Communication Technology), Computer equipment, Hardware and components/hardware (low end technology), computer software, operating system, database, off-the-shelf packages including maintenance, multimedia-products, services and maintenance, hardware and software leasing/renting, Employment services/professional staff (professional), Printing services (reserved for 100% Bumiputera companies), Printing design (printing design), Plantation services, Fisheries, Animals and Wildlife, Aquaculture, Horticulture and Livestock, Agriculture crops/farms/parks/forests and forest plantations as well as artificial reefs, other services/certification and recognition. 

Build power splash Muslim Malay community into the world of business in accordance with the hadith عليكم بالتجارة فإن فيها تسعة أعشار الرزق which means "You should conduct business, for in it is 9 out of 10 livelihoods"

1) Build the ability to provide supplies and provide the best services in areas that are halal and needed by the community.
2) Open a space for cooperation with business partners using the Blue Ocean strategy so that the benefits of the effort can be shared.
3) Hold the principle of dynamics by continuing to explore and venture into new and innovative fields in accordance with the changes needed by society.

INFOTRENDSOLUTIONS SDN BHD will continue to strengthen its business plan in line with the changes of time and times as well as become a thriving and well-known business. 


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